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Market Stats

Today we are posting a chart provided by the California Association of Realtors (CAR).  The Market at a ... Read More »

Friday Photo

This week we traveled to South San Luis Obispo County for our photo.  If you one of the first to identi... Read More »

Sales Graph

Right now, there are many buyers in the market, but the shrinking inventory is slowing the sales.  Inter... Read More »

Credit Suisse Housing Report

  Today we are posting the July Credit Suisse Housing Report.  As a reminder, Credit Suisse surveys real e... Read More »

San Luis Obispo 1949

So where were you in 1949?  You really don’t need to answer.  Attached is a promotional travel vid... Read More »

Photo Friday

Here is the latest of the Friday Photos.  This week I was out of town so I took the picture while I was... Read More »

San Luis Obispo Homes Right Here

Here is the latest chart from the California Association of Realtors showing the Median Home prices by c... Read More »

Photo Friday

Here is the latest Photo Friday edition.  This photo is located in the City of San Luis Obispo and it i... Read More »

Credit Suisse Report- More Good News!

The good news continue for the housing market in June.  Credit Suisse reports that for the fifth strai... Read More »

Moving Habits of Californians

So, where did they go?  When people sell their homes in California, where do they go? According to the... Read More »

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