Tacoma Narrows

Tacoma Narrows | Farrell Smyth , IncI am sure we have all heard that the infrastructure of our country is in need of upgrade and repair.  Let’s hope we are not is as bad of shape as the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.  If you have ever had a science or Physics class you may have seen this video before.  If not you are in for an amazing sight.  This event occurred in November 1940.  The cause of the collapse is the result of what is known as “Harmonic Winds.”  This is when the rhythm of the winds of the winds is in harmony with the movement of the bridge causing the waves to grow larger and larger until…..Well watch the video and see for yourself.  Keep in mind that there were no televisions when this happened so the video (Film) was shown in movie theaters as part of the “News Reel”  Pretty Cool huh?

I had an occasion to drive over the new Tacoma Narrows Bridge.  Instead of a normal concrete roadway, the road surface in now metal grating which allows the prevailing winds to flow through the bridge and avoid another disaster.

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  1. Mary says:

    Look like “Rock and Roll” started in 1940

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