Steve Says, “Now is The Time to Sell”

Once again, I am posting an article from my good friend, Steve Harney.  If you have followed our BLOG for some time, you will note that Steve is a regular contributor. Steve keeps his finger on what is going on in the real estate market, and more importantly, he is usually six months ahead in his advice.

Last year, I sold my own home, and believe me when I say that Steve’s words were going around in my head.  Words like “Price your property to sell,” and “If you need to sell in the next 18 month, do it now.”

Well, guess what?  I sold my house in three days.  If I had waited until this year, the property would sell for 10-15% less than last year.  Needless to say, I never looked back.

I hope you enjoy some good advice from Steve.  Remember, as Steve says, “Now is the time to sell!”

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Posted by: Larry Smyth

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