Dream Rental

OK. So you have been looking for months and finally find that “Dream Rental” you have been waiting for. You are so excited you rush to the rental office, grab an application, fill it out, turn it in, and days later you hear nothing, or even worse you get the call that you have not been accepted. What the heck is wrong? You know you are a good person, with great references, a good job, so how could you not get the unit?

From years of experience, let me tell you that one reason tenants are turned down is for turning in incomplete applications. Sure you know all about your references, and good job, but you didn’t give the full details asked for on the rental application. Particularly when there is more than one applicant for a unit, a complete detailed application is a big advantage. Be sure to read the rental application carefully and answer each question completely and honestly. Even if you have had a financial or landlord issue in the past, if it is explained well, you may still be accepted. When in doubt about a question, don’t guess. Ask for help to be sure your application is correct including providing any extra items requested by the rental office.

My advice is to use your rental application to your advantage. Your application is your best spokesperson. It gives the first and most lasting impression to the landlord. Be complete, be thorough, and be timely. Go to the property management section of our web site, where you can view a typical rental application that may help you prepare for when that “Dream Rental” comes along. Good hunting.

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Posted by:  Larry Smyth

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