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credit suisse

This week we are posting the year end Credit Suisse report.  Credit Suisse surveys real estate brokers all over the country to develop a report of current market trends. Here are some of the points closing out 2012 and leading into 2013.

  • Buyer traffic and pricing end 2012 on a strong note
  • December was the ninth straight month of rising home prices
  • Rising prices increased buyer urgency
  • Lack of inventory will likely result in price increases in 2013

 Keep in mind that this is a summary of a nationwide survey.  For details on your specific area take a look at the complete report: Credit Suisse January 2013

 Here on the Central Coast, I feel we will continue to see a brisk market.  One key factor is the low interest rates on mortgage loans.  As long as the rates remain low, we should see some modest price increases due to low inventory and pent up buyer demand.  However, if interest rates should go up, we may see the market stall.  I feel we hit the bottom of the price market in 2012.  With low interest, this may be the best opportunity to purchase a new home.  Stay tuned for more updates as we move into 2013.

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