Credit Suisse Report

We have just posted the December Credit Suisse Report.  Here are the points that summarize the report:

  • Year-end pricing tempts some buyers
  • Buyers are eager, able and timid
  • Rising rents lead some buyers to act
  • Sellers bring prices down
  • Inventory drifts lower, but homes likely to take longer to sell
  • Low appraisals continue to hurt sales

Remember, the Credit Suisse is a national survey of real estate agents.  I provide input for the San Luis Obispo market each month, and I have noticed that we generally follow the national trend.  Sometimes we are ahead of the national  market, and sometimes we trail the national market, but we tend to follow the same curve.

Looking at specific California markets, they all show slow activity, lower prices and difficult financing.  You can see the specifics for California on the following pages of the report:

  • Los Angeles – 16
  • Riverside – 22
  • Sacramento 40
  • San Diego – 41
  • San Francisco – 42

As always, comments and questions are welcome.

Posted by: Larry Smyth

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