Credit Suisse Real Estate Survey for November

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We just received the Credit Suisse Real Estate Survey for the month of November. The full report is attached, but here are some of the highlights.

– Buyer Traffic remains seasonally low

– Buyer traffic is being busted by low interest rates

– Prices continue to flatten out


Here are comments from a few markets in California:

– Los Angeles – Buyers reluctant due to high prices

– San Diego – Market has leveled off

– San Francisco – Buyers are being very selective and slow

Nov. Credit SHere in the San Luis Obispo area, prices are leveling off, buyers are seasonally slow, inventory remains low, but interest is low keeping some sales moving along.


Check out the full report for other areas across the United States.


We have been a contributor to the Credit Suisse survey for over 5 years. We have seen trends in our area mimic those in other areas. The only variation is the timing. We are ahead of some areas and follow others.


Larry D. Smyth


Farrell Smyth, Inc.

Real Estate

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