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We Want to Crow a Little

This past week the Arroyo Grande Arts Association held it auction to raise funds for the association.  ... Read More »


Last week we posted a video from our friend Matthew Ferrara were he reviewed how technology was back in ... Read More »

Friday Photo

Have you ever take a cross country flight?  If so, then this tray table photo should look familiar.  I... Read More »

Local Sales Market Heats Up

So here we go.  The local sales market in San Luis Obispo County is heating up.  Looking at the atta... Read More »

Credit Suisse

This week we are posting the year end Credit Suisse report.  Credit Suisse surveys real estate brokers ... Read More »

Photo Friday

Here in San Luis Obispo the city fathers have decided that community art is an important part of buildin... Read More »

Credit Suisse Report

This is a short week with Thanksgiving just a few days away, so we are posting early in the week. Once a... Read More »

Tacoma Narrows

I am sure we have all heard that the infrastructure of our country is in need of upgrade and repair.... Read More »

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