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Credit Suisse Report

Pricing Momentum Continues That is the headline from the August Credit Suisse Housing Survey.  Once again... Read More »

e-PRO: An Advanced Designation to Help Provide the Best Services to Our Clients

We all know how the real estate industry has been changed with the advancement of the electronic age. ... Read More »

Credit Suisse July Report

The Credit Suisse July Housing report is just out.  The general trends across the nation are as follow... Read More »

A Million Times Better

We just received our final numbers regarding our web traffic for 2010. Let me just say that we are a m... Read More »

Credit Suisse Report

Have you ever had one of those weeks. You know the kind I mean, you drop the toast and it lands jam side... Read More »

Dream Rental

OK. So you have been looking for months and finally find that “Dream Rental” you have been waiting ... Read More »

Credit Suisse August Report

In my last post I promised to discuss when the downturn in real estate pricing is predicted to end. I ... Read More »

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