About Us

Farrell Smyth Real Estate isn’t just another real estate company. It’s a true reflection of its founder and the community it serves. It’s your neighbor.

Spending a few minutes traveling around San Luis Obispo with Larry Smyth and you’d swear you went back in time. Everywhere he goes, Larry is constantly exchanging friendly “hellos” with people he knows and those who recognize him. It’s as if it’s another era-a warmer, friendlier time when peoples roots ran deep and their devotion to their community was evident from afar. Perhaps that is only natural; however, considering that Larry has been a devoted community volunteer and prominent businessman here for more than 30 years.

Community Pride 
As the owner of Farrell Smyth Real Estate, the area’s premier local independent real estate firm, Larry has created a company that is a true reflection of the man who founded it as well as a reflection of the community itself. Larry takes great pride in the reputation he’s built for providing outstanding service since the company’s inception in 1978. “People don’t think of us as the big real estate company,” he says. “They think of us as their neighbors, and that’s just how I want it. There’s a deeper connection with our agents and staff. When you work with any Farrell Smyth associate, you’re really working with the whole company.

A One-Stop Shop 
That’s not to say that Farrell Smyth takes a back seat to the large, corporate-owned companies. Quite the contrary, in fact. At Farrell Smyth, you receive a higher quality of personalized service. In addition to Real Estate services Farrell Smyth offers full-service property management and is a member of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, the nation’s premier real estate relocation network. All of this adds up to smoother transactions, faster sales thanks to a larger pool of qualified buyers, and ultimately, a greater return on your investment. Not to mention Farrell Smyth’s trademark service and in-depth local knowledge, It is intensified level of service that has encouraged local residents to return to Farrell Smyth time and time again for all their real estate needs. Because once you experience the care, devotion and passion of Farrell Smyth associate, real estate as you know it will never be the same.

A Better Way of Doing Business
If you’re in the market to buy, sell, rent or have your property managed in San Luis Obispo County, say hello to a better way of doing business. The Farrell Smyth way. Local. Independent. Friendly. And most of all genuinely caring for your needs. Turn to Your Neighbors in SLO Real Estate Since 1978. Contact the associates at Farrell Smyth today at (805) 543-2172 or stop by their Santa Rosa office anytime! You’ll be glad you did.

Activities and Attractions in San Luis Obispo California San Luis Obispo (called “SLO” or “San Luis” by locals) is the centerpiece of it all. The city will serve as your gateway to some of the most celebrated experiences in the world.

California’s Central Coast is the most diverse region in the state. A mingling of unscathed beaches, quaint cities, lush hillsides, vast vineyards and secluded lakes. You will find the area breathtaking and simply, purely rejuvenating. If you think every coastal destination is the same, you have not truly experienced the SLO life.


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