So, what is $4.97? That’s the amount of our electric bill after installing our new solar system. Now I don’t give too many indorsements, but I was so pleased with the service and quality results, that I agreed to do a commercial for “Solarponics”, the company that did our solar installation.

Here is how it went. I agreed to help Solarponics out with a promotional video. They showed up at my house one morning, just as I stepped off the treadmill, and said, “Let’s go”. I grabbed a shirt, put on a mic, and we filmed the spot in about 10 minutes.   Living in San Luis Obispo we have a great climate for solar application. We feel really good that our installation saves energy and reduces our monthly costs.

So check out the video, and be sure to notice the electric meter is running backwards.


Larry Smyth


Farrell Smyth, Inc.

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